Hello world!

Hello>Welcome to Dook & Mutt. A blog dedicated to my favorite four-legged friends. Two years ago, I became the owner of what some would call a “mutt”. His name is Prince, he is half pit-bull and half rottweiler. One would think that this would be a bad mix, but Prince proves that the rumors about those types of dogs are wrong. With constant training and proper care he has became a much loved part of my family. After Prince came “those that dook”, as in my two favorite thieves Mojo-jojo and Bubbles. They are ferrets. They are the most curious, troublemakers on the planet. ┬áMojo (Brown) loves toys and taking things that aren’t his. Bubbles (White) love to eat and bite toes. Last month we lost our Chinese water dragon JD. May he rest in peace. He had just gotten over an illness when we adopted him and he lasted for a year afterward. JD was well taken care of and he went peacefully. The new edition to my four-legged family is Dizzie. We decided to give another Chinese water dragon a chance at a good home, and from what I can tell he is settling in very well.

This blog is dedicated to them and the trials they send their owner through.

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